St Columba's - Havelock North 

New Zealand    

Columba Library

In June 2015 an extensive private library was gifted from the estate of the late

Prue Neild – a respected member and Elder Emerita of this Church.  The Prue

Neild Collection forms the basis of Columba Library which also includes other 

books donated previously. 

Its purpose is to maintain a unique local resource which encourages exploration 

and deeper understanding of Christian heritage and its contemporary 

relevance.  It is a collection of books which are reflective of contemporary 

philosophy, scientific thought, spirituality and theological enquiry.  

With the above criteria in mind, further donations of books are welcomed.  

These may be made through the church office.  Each gift will be accepted with 

gratitude and assessed as to its suitability.  Should a book be deemed to fall 

outside the criteria for inclusion it shall firstly be offered back to the donor, and 

thereafter to other libraries and collections.   

Download the library brochure here